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My first and only visit to the MHR this year was during their annual Autumn Steam gala.
Locomotives in service:

LSWR T9 No. 30120
LMS Crab No. 13065
LMS Ivatt 2MT No. 46521

Resident: LNER A4 No. 4464 'Bittern'
SR LN No. 850 'Lord Nelson'
SR V No. 925 'Cheltenham'
LMS Black 5 No. 45379
SR LN No. 850 'Lord Nelson'SR WC No. 34007 'Wadebridge'SR WC No. 34007 'Wadebridge'LMS Ivatt 2MT No. 41312SR V No. 925 'Cheltenham'LMS Ivatt 2MT No. 46521LMS Black 5 No. 45379LMS Crab No. 13065LMS Crab No. 13065LSWR T9 No. 30120LSWR T9 No. 30120LSWR T9 No. 30120LNER A4 No. 4464 'Bittern'LNER A4 No. 4464 'Bittern'LMS Crab No. 13065BR 9F No. 92212LMS Crab No. 13065LMS Crab No. 13065

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