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I paid a visit to the NNR for their annual Spring Gala, as can be seen from the gallery the weather started off very poor but by the afternoon it was the usual NNR high standard, running during my visit was:


BR (WR) Pannier No. 1638 - Visiting instead of the planned A4 No. 60007 'Sir Nigel Gresley'
GNR N2 No. 1744


LNER B12 No. 8572
LMS Black 5 No. 44767 'George Stephenson'
BR 4MT No. 76084
Class 37 No. D6732 - Running instead of GWR 56xx No. 5619
N2 No. 1744N2 No. 1744N2 No. 1744 & B12 No. 8572Pannier tank No. 1638Pannier tank No. 1638Black 5 No. 44767 'George Stephenson'Black 5 No. 44767 'George Stephenson'Pannier Tank No. 1638 & 4MT No. 76084B12 No. 8572WeybournePannier Tank No. 1638 & Class 31 No. D5631Pannier tank No. 1638Pannier tank No. 1638Pannier tank No. 1638HoltPannier tank No. 1638Class 37 No. D6732Class 37 No. D67324MT No. 76084 & Black 5 No. 44767 'George Stephenson'Pannier tank No. 1638

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