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Here is part 2 of the SVR 2010 40th Anniversary Autumn Gala. These shots are from the Sunday and although looked promising weather wise to begin with, it seemed to remain cloudy.


GWR 2251 No. 3205 - Visiting from the South Devon Railway
GWR City No. 3717 'City of Truro' - Courtesy of the NRM
GWR Small Prairie No. 5542 - Visiting from her usual home at GWSR
SR Battle of Britain No. 34070 'Manston' - Visiting from Swanage
LMS Jubilee No. 5690 'Leander'


GWR Manor No. 7802 'Bradley Manor' - Making her final Autumn gala appearance
GWR Manor No. 7812 'Erlestoke Manor'
GWR Large Prairie No. 5164 (Didn't get any shots)
GWR Small Prairie No. 4566
GWR Pannier Tank No. 5764 - I believe her final Autumn gala appearance
LMS Ivatt 4MT No. 43106
LMS Ivatt 2MT No. 46443
Hampton Loade station.7802 'Bradley Manor'3717 'City of Truro' & 5690 'Leander'5690 'Leander'GWR 2251 No. 3205GWR 2251 No. 3205GWR 2251 No. 3205Ivatt 2MT No. 464437802 'Bradley Manor'GWR 2251 No. 3205 & 3717 'City of Truro'5690 'Leander'5764, 5542 & 3717 'City of Truro'GWR Small Prairie No. 4566GWR Small Prairie No. 4566GWR Small Prairie No. 55425690 'Leander' & 55425542 & 4MT No. 43106Ex Port Talbot No. 813 & BR (WR) Pannier No. 1501Stanier Mogul No. 4296834027 'Taw Valley'

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