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The Annual Spring steam gala was held in March with a definite southern theme, featuring no less than five southern machines in action. The National Railway Museum also featured considerably during the event with three of the locomotives being owned by them.


SR King Arthur No. 777 'Sir Lamiel' - Making her first visit to the line in preservation. Courtesy of the NRM & usually based at the GCR.
LSWR T9 No. 30120 - Courtesy of the NRM, usually based at the Bodmin & Wenford Railway
GWR Large Prairie No. 5164 - From the SVR, visiting instead of the originally planned 3717 'City of Truro'


Bulleid Unmodified West Country No. 34007 'Wadebridge'
Maunsell Schools No. 925 'Cheltenham' - Courtesy of the NRM
Maunsell LN No. 850 'Lord Nelson' - Courtesy of the NRM
LMS Black 5 No. 45379

The steam didn't cease there, to use a bit of time up i had a look at Avonside 'Robert' on static display at Stratford and finally by complete surprise, Merchant Navy No. 35028 'Clan Line' made a very brief appearance!
A King Arthur on the Alps.925 'Cheltenham' & 850 'Lord Nelson'Black 5 No. 4537934007 'Wadebridge'34007 'Wadebridge'T9 No. 30120Large Prairie No. 5164925 'Cheltenham'925 'Cheltenham'Surprise Merchant!

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