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Part 2 of the gala, these shots cover Saturday morning until midnight.

The lineup for 2013:

LMS Princess Coronation No. 6233 'Duchess of Sutherland' - Replacing the originally planned visit from 777 'Sir Lamiel'
SR V (Schools) No. 925 'Cheltenham' - Visiting from the MHR replacing the originally planned visit from 850 'Lord Nelson'
GWR Hall No. 4936 'Kinlet Hall' - Visiting instead of the originally planned visit from BR 7MT No. 70000 'Britannia'
Metropolitan E Class No. 1
Corris Railway saddle tank No. 3 'Sir Haydn' - Running as part of a wagon load


SR Battle of Britain No. 34053 'Sir Keith Park'
LMS 4MT No. 43106
GWR Manor No. 7812 'Erlestoke Manor'
GWR 28xx No. 2857
GWR Large Prairie No. 5164 - her last gala appearance
GWR 56xx No. 5643 - On loan till early 2014
BR (WR) Pannier No. 1501 (spare locomotive)
GWR 56xx No. 5643Ivatt 4MT No. 43106Ivatt 4MT No. 43106Ivatt 4MT No. 43106 & 925 'Cheltenham'925 'Cheltenham'4936 'Kinlet Hall'4936 'Kinlet Hall'GWR Small Prairie No. 4566Manning Wardle 'Warwickshire'BR Standard 4MT No. 7506934027 'Taw Valley'34027 'Taw Valley'34027 'Taw Valley'Ex Port Talbot No. 813Sharp Stewart 'Dunrobin'GWR Pannier Tank No. 7714GWR Pannier Tank No. 7714GWR Small Prairie No. 4566Large Prairie No. 51648F No. 48773

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