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The NNR's 2010 steam gala had a mixed themed lineup to it, with great weather throughout it was the usual enjoyable event.


SR King Arthur No. 30777 'Sir Lamiel' - Arrived via the mainline, courtesy of the NRM
LMS Black 5 No. 44767 'George Stephenson' - was on a four month loan
BR 9F No. 92212 - Visiting from the MHR
GNR N2 No. 1744 - Visiting from the GCR


GER J15 No. 65462
GWR 56xx No. 5619
Hunslet No. 1982 'Ring Haw'
44767 'George Stephenson'9F No. 92212GNR N2 No. 1744J15 No. 65462J15 No. 65462J15 No. 65462J15 No. 65462GWR 56xx No. 5619GWR 56xx No. 5619 & J15 No. 6546230777 'Sir Lamiel' & 9F No. 92212Hunslet No. 1982 'Ring Haw'44767 'George Stephenson'J15 No. 65462J15 No. 654629F No. 9221230777 'Sir Lamiel'9F No. 92212Hunslet No. 1982 'Ring Haw' & 9F No. 92212Hunslet No. 1982 'Ring Haw'Night time at Sheringham

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