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A second visit for me to the Bluebell railway but this time round the sun shone all day. During the day a special memorial service ran for Jack Owen who was previously the senior locomotive inspector.

In service:

SR S15 No. 847
SE&CR C Class No. 592
SE&CR H Class No. 263
LB&SCR A1x Terrier No. 55 'Stepney'
S15 No. 847S15 No. 847S15 No. 847S15 No. 847S15 No. 847SE&CR C No. 592SE&CR C No. 592LB&SCR A1x No. 672 'Fenchurch'LB&SCR A1x No. 672 'Fenchurch'SR Q No. 541GWR 56xx No. 5643LB&SCR A1x No. 55 'Stepney' & SECR H No. 263LB&SCR A1x No. 55 'Stepney'SR V Schools No. 928 'Stowe'LSWR B4 No. 96 'Normandy'LSWR Radial No. 488GWR Dukedog No. 9017 'Earl of Berkeley'S15 No. 847SE&CR H No. 263S15 No. 847 & H No. 263

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