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During November I made the move to Worcester which has now made the Severn Valley Railway my local line. During November I paid two brief visits, one for the Manor 50 weekend, the other on a normal Sunday timetable.

Locomotives featured in shots in operation:

GWR Manor No. 7802 'Bradley Manor'
GWR Manor No. 7812 'Erlestoke Manor'
GWR 2800 No. 2857
GWR Small Prairie No. 4566
BR (WR) Pannier No. 1501
GWR Small Prairie No. 4566GWR Manor No. 7812 'Erlestoke Manor'GWR 1400 No. 1450GWR 2800 No. 2857GWR Manor No. 7802 'Bradley Manor'LMS RS No. 46100 'Royal Scot' & 1400 No. 1450LMS 4MT No. 43106GWR Small Prairie No. 4566GWR 1400 No. 1450GWR Hall No. 4930 'Hagley Hall'GWR Manor No. 7802 'Bradley Manor'BR (WR) Pannier No. 1501SR No. 34027 'Taw Valley'

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