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As part of the Wales trip it was decided to go to the Ffestiniog Railway with a few brief encounters of the Welsh Highland Railway, luckily the weather had picked up.

This is the first time the majority of these shots have been uploaded onto the internet.
Beyer Peacock Garratt No. 138Beyer Peacock Garratt No. 138190 'Lyd'190 'Lyd'190 'Lyd'Double Fairlie No. 10 'Merddin Emrys'Hunslet 'Lilla'Hunslet 'Britomart'Vale of Ffestiniog & MoelwynStatfold Barn Railway 'Mallet'Double Fairlie No. 10 'Merddin Emrys'WaterfallBeyer Peacock Garratt No. 138

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