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The last trip for 2009 was for the Santa specials to the East Anglian Railway Museum. It is infact on one of these events at this location that appears to be my earliest railway memory with N7 No. 7999 having the honours in the mid 90's.

This time however the duties were in the hands of resident industrials 'Jubilee' & 'Pen Green'. It is rare to see both locomotives in use at the Museum apart from the Santa/Thomas events.
No. 54 'Pen Green'No. 54 'Pen Green' & JubileeBagnall 'Jubilee'Bagnall 'Jubilee'Bagnall 'Jubilee'Bagnall 'Jubilee'Bagnall 'Jubilee'No. 54 'Pen Green'Bagnall 'Jubilee'Bagnall 'Jubilee'Bagnall 'Jubilee'CraneBagnall 'Jubilee'No. 54 'Pen Green'Bagnall 'Jubilee'No. 54 'Pen Green'No. 54 'Pen Green'No. 54 'Pen Green'

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