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In 2012 the MSLR staged their first ever steam gala. Not only was it the 21st Anniversary of the Museum the 28th of July was the 60th Anniversary of the closure of the original 'Middy'. Two more anniversaries coincided, it was also the 10th Anniversary since steam returned to the MSLR when J15 No. 65462 visited in 2002.
2012 also marked the 50th Anniversary of the end of East Anglian steam.

Three locomotives were in attendance:

Hawthorn Leslie 'Falmouth Docks & Engineering Company No. 3' - which was resident at the time
Hudswell Clarke 'Wissington' - She made her public debut at the event, she is still resident
Peckett 'Hornpipe' - Visiting from her usual private home at Windsor
Hornpipe, Falmouth Docks No. 3 & WissingtonPeckett 'Hornpipe'Peckett 'Hornpipe'Peckett 'Hornpipe'Peckett 'Hornpipe'Falmouth Docks No. 3 & WissingtonRuston Diesel Shunter 'Alston'Hudswell Clarke 'Wissington'Hornpipe & Falmouth Docks No. 3Hornpipe, Falmouth Docks No. 3 & WissingtonHornpipe & Falmouth Docks No. 3Hudswell Clarke 'Wissington'Wissington & HornpipeFalmouth Docks No. 3Peckett 'Hornpipe'Falmouth Docks No. 3Hudswell Clarke 'Alston'Peckett 'Hornpipe'

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