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With the holiday coming to an end we decided to spend the Saturday at the GCR for their mail by rail event.

Four steam locomotives were in operation:

LMS Fairburn No. 42085 - Making a rare visit away from her home at the Lakeside & Haverthwaite Railway.
SR N15 (King Arthur) No. 30777 'Sir Lamiel'
LMS 8F No. 48305
BR 2MT No. 78019

Three diesels were also in operation:

Class 47 No. D1705 'Sparrowhawk'
Class 27 No. D5401
Class 25 No. D5185
The Class 101 DMU was also in operation.
BR 2MT No. 78019LNER O4 No. 63601 & SR King Arthur No. 30777 'Sir Lamiel'LNER O4 No. 63601 & SR King Arthur No. 30777 'Sir Lamiel'LMS Fairburn No. 42085GNR N2 No. 1744 & LMS Ivatt 2MT No. 46521BR Standard 5 No. 73156SR Rebuilt West Country No. 34039 'Boscastle'SR King Arthur No. 30777 'Sir Lamiel'Class 25 No. D5185 & Class 27 No. D5401Class 101 DMULMS Fairburn No. 42085SR King Arthur No. 30777 'Sir Lamiel'Slam door unit No. 7059LMS Fairburn No. 42085Class 47 No. D1705 'Sparrowhawk'LMS 8F No. 48305BR 2MT No. 78019Class 25 No. D5185 & Class 27 No. D5401LMS 8F No. 48305LMS Fairburn No. 42085

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