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My third trip to the NRM in two years but this one was for a particular reason. I had to make sure I saw I got to see the two A4's visiting from overseas before they leave the Country in 2014. Due to the amount of shots I took of the A4's they will be uploaded into another gallery, this one is to showcase the usual candidates in the NRM. I didn't take shots of everything this time as my 2012 galleries covered this.
GWR City No. 3717 'City of Truro'GWR City No. 3717 'City of Truro'GWR Hall No. 5972 'Olton Hall'LNER V2 No. 4771 'Green Arrow'MR Class 115 Spinner No. 673Crab No. 13000Peckett 'Teddy'Q1 No. C1Stanier Tank No. 2500Stanier Tank No. 2500SECR D Class No. 737SECR D Class No. 737 & Stanier Tank No. 2500FR 'Coppernob' & NER 1001 No. 1275GWR King No. 6000 'King George V'GWR King No. 6000 'King George V'60008 'Dwight D Eisenhower', 4468 'Mallard' & 4489 'Dominion of Canada'A view from the footbridgeA3 No. 4472 'Flying Scotsman'35029 'Ellerman Lines'35029 'Ellerman Lines' & 9F No. 92220 'Evening Star'

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