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My second visit to the brilliant Weeting Steam Rally, a fantastic event featuring traction engines, steam rollers, lorries, vintage vehicles, steam locomotives, tractors, tanks and much much more.
Sentinel Steam bus No. 8714, built 1932Burrell No. 3420 'The Duchess', built 1912Clayton & Shuttleworth No. 48224 'Valiant' Built 1919Super Sentinel 'Sultan' No. 8383 , built in 1930Wallis & Steevens No. 2758 'Pickfords No. 14', built 1904Burrell Showmans No. 3789 'Princess Royal', Built 1921Burrell Reg AH 5239, Built 1902Sentinel No. 9087, built 1934Wallis & Steevens No. 7801, built 1924Aveling & Porter No. 7897 'Margaret' , built 1913Burrell No. 3422, built 1912Burrell No. 3422, built 1912Andrew Barclay 'Little Barford'Andrew Barclay 'Little Barford'Burrells No. 3695 'Lord Derby', built 1915 & No. 3633 'Lord Kitchener' , built 1914Fowler No. 15453 'Saucy Sue', Built 1925Fowler No. 15454 'Bonzor Tom', Built 1925Road works displayBurrell No. 3106 'Princess Royal', built 1909

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