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A trip to the Severn Valley Railway in between the two GCR visits gave a variety of steam locomotives in operation.

GWR 56xx No. 6695 - Visiting from her usual home at Swanage
GWR Manor No. 7802 'Bradley Manor'
GWR Manor No. 7812 'Erlestoke Manor'
GWR Pannier Tank No. 5764
LMS Stanier Mogul No. 42968
LMS Stanier Mogul No. 42968GWR Pannier No. 7714GWR Pannier No. 7714 & BR Standard 4 No. 80079LMS 3F No. 47383GWR 56xx No. 6695GWR Small Prairie No. 4566 & LMS 4MT No. 43106GWR Small Prairie No. 4566 & LMS 4MT No. 43106BR Standard 4 No. 75069Ex Port Talbot No. 813BR WR No. 1501LMS Stanier Mogul No. 42968GWR 56xx No. 6695GWR Manor No. 7802 'Bradley Manor'GWR Manor No. 7812 'Erlestoke Manor'GWR Large Prairie No. 5164GWR Pannier No. 5764Class 20 No. D8188Class 20 No. D8188 & Warship Class 42 No. D821 'Greyhound'.

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