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The original plan on the 1st of April was to spend the day taking snaps of the MHR, unfortunately due to the coach issue it would only have been the U Class running with the Class 205 so it was decided to make a rare visit to the Isle of Wight Steam railway. It was hoped to see LSWR O2 No. 24 'Calbourne' in action or at least A1X Terrier No. 8 Freshwater however we ended up with Hunslet Austerity No. 198 'Royal Engineer'. Also included are shots from the Ferry.

Info of locomotives from: http://iwsteamrailway.co.uk/the-railway/locomotives.html
198 'Royal Engineer'LSWR O2 No. W24 'Calbourne'Freshwater, Waggoner & CalbourneLSWR O2 No. W24 'Calbourne' & LBSCR A1x W8 'Freshwater'LBSCR A1x W8 'Freshwater'LSWR O2 No. W24 'Calbourne' & W8 Freshwater.LBSCR A1x W8 'Freshwater'Ivatt No. 41313 & 41298LSWR O2 No. 24 'Calbourne'LSWR O2 No. 24 'Calbourne' & W8 Freshwater.Andrew Barclay 'Ajax'198 'Royal Engineer'198 'Royal Engineer' at Smallbrook Junction.198 'Royal Engineer'Hawthorn Leslie 'Invincible'Hawthorn Leslie 'Invincible'Hovercraft at RydeTugs at SouthamptonTugs at Southampton

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