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The first part of my birthday visit included a trip to the NRM, my first visit since 2006. It's always nice to see the stunning and unique locomotives in the collection.
A small surprise was seeing GWR City No. 3717 'City of Truro' undergoing steam testing.
SE&CR D Class No. 737790 'Hardwicke' & SECR D No. 737SE&CD D Class No. 7376229 'Duchess of Hamilton' & Q1 No. C14468 'Mallard'3717 'City of Truro'Peckett 'Teddy'.Clacton on Sea bench.B1 No. 214 'Gladstone'.GNR J13 No. 1247M7 No. 245J36 No. 65243 'Maude'Bulleid Q1 No. C1Rocket & GER S56 No. 87GWR Hall No. 5972 'Olton Hall'9F No. 92220 'Evening Star' & Stanier Tank No. 2500NER No. 66 'Aerolite' & GWR No. 6000 'King George V'Around the turntable...A king and his.... hall...?35029 'Ellerman Lines'

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