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It took three attempts to get some steam in February with the appalling weather cancelling a trip to Barrow Hill & a backup plan of Bluebell railway the following Saturday. Happily a trip was finally made and the Bluebell railway gave my first scenes of Southern steam for 2014.

The original roster also seemed to change a few times with it originally consisting of S15 No. 847 with U No. 1638. The S15 was in turn swapped for the C No. 592 which by the time I visited had been swapped with H No. 263.

So the final lineup consisted of:

SR U Class No. 1638
SE&CR H Class No. 263
U Class No. 1638U Class No. 1638Inside a Bulleid CoachInside a Bulleid CoachInside a Bulleid CoachInside a Bulleid CoachH Class No. 263H Class No. 263U Class No. 1638U Class No. 1638U Class No. 1638Class 33 No. 33103 'Swordfish'U Class No. 1638H Class No. 263H Class No. 263U Class No. 31618, Dukedog No. 9017 & O1 Class No. 65U Class No. 31618Dukedog No. 9017 'Earl of Berkeley'Dukedog No. 9017 'Earl of Berkeley'SECR O1 No. 65

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