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After the SVR visit it was time to make a brief visit to the GCR the day after, although still very cold the weather was much better. Just the N2 was in operation on this occasion.
GNR N2 No. 1744 at Leicester North.GNR N2 No. 1744 at Leicester North.Stanier 8F No. 48305, 8624 & 3F No. 47406.Stanier 8F's No. 48305 & 8624.SR King Arthur No. 30777 'Sir Lamiel'.Ivatt No. 46521BR 7MT No. 70013 'Oliver Cromwell'Andrew Barclay No. 1245GNR N2 No. 1744 at Rothley.GNR N2 No. 1744 at Loughborough.

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